Back up 101.1

Backing Up To get started, please open up a terminal, in Ubuntu this can be done by Applications Menu -> Accessories -> Terminal. Some directories require root or superuser permissions to read and write (needed for backup), for an explanation on why see FilePermissions. To gain temporary root permission, simply preface any command you want […]


Debian / Ubuntu Easy Install For the Debian / Ubuntu / Raspbian beginners there isn’t an Apt Repository or Deb package. If you want an easy life, follow this community provided and maintained Easy Install script for a base Debian (Raspbian / Raspberry Pi OS) / Ubuntu install. For the official installation instructions that are […]


Quick Install Guide for Ubuntu On a standard Ubuntu Server / Desktop 20.04 or Higher. After that, you have the newewst stable SABnzbd, and it is updated automatically each time you update Ubuntu. Full Install Guide If the above does not work, follow this guide. First, some preparation to make sure your system can handle […]

How-To: Auto back up files and Dirs

Backup script Step 1 – archive the content Backing up your files using tar is very simple using the following command: A real example would be backing up the HTML folder for your website, my case: Note: make sure the destination folder exists first. If not create it using the following command: Tar command explained […]